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Now in his 14th year as a staff member at the Every Man’s Battle workshop, Jim’s primary niche is working with men who have become ensnared in various forms of sexual sin.

Jim’s approach to coaching involves encouraging each client to better understand what the Bible teaches about battling temptation and sin and recognizing how, when, and where he is most at risk. Then, clients work to recognize how to utilize God’s resources for overcoming temptation and living a transformed life. 

Jim also works with their wives who struggle with the loss of trust in the aftermath of betrayal and are not yet ready to work with their husbands to restore their marriages.

“We know Christian families face the same challenges and heartaches that everyone else does. God doesn’t protect us from all the problems, but grants us wisdom and spiritual strength to overcome them.”


Jim’s years of pastoral ministry provided many opportunities to counsel and coach members with marriage and family struggles.

Jim has seen God rebuild fractured marriages through the application of biblical principles. Husbands and wives work together to recognize the fig leaves they wear that prevent real intimacy. Having this awareness provides help in living more and more transparently, which is the basis for rebuilding what has broken down.

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